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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Jordan and Rob December 2013 Wedding

October and December 2013 proved to be a surprising end of the year for my sister and her family.  I think my sister and brother in law were amazing to be able to pull off two back to back weddings! It is hard to believe Jordan and Rob's wedding was a little over a year ago, only one month after Jordan's sister, Zoe's wedding.

Diane Dodd Photography

It isn't easy planning a wedding when the bride is in Savannah GA, her parents and florist live in Virginia. My sister is the QUEEN of organization. She planned and coordinated everything, along with the bride and groom to make Jordan and Rob's wedding a memorable and fun day.  Two days before the wedding the groom drove the florist/aunt to the flower wholesaler to pick up the flowers. Putting together wedding flowers in a hotel room, well, there just aren't words for how creative everyone has to be!

Jordan and Rob were married in Savannah at Skidaway Island State Park, WOW, what a beautiful setting for family and the closest of friends to gather underneath the gorgeous Spanish Moss to witness their wedding vows.  The temperature was warm, but the shade was perfect for a December afternoon.

                                                               Diane Dodd Photography

My sister put together this impressive drape that covered a not so beautiful wooden board that serves as a back drop for the outdoor theater.  Her best friend was kind enough to put the finishing touches after the guys attached the drapery. 

Milk glass vases filled with evergreens, seeded eucalyptus, lemon leaf, pink roses, pink lilies, ornaments and pine cones flanked the pink and white backdrop. Lanterns with white candles added a bit of atmosphere and were also used at the reception.

                                                             Diane Dodd Photography

Matron of Honor, sister of bride and bride pose together with their flowers. The wedding theme was pink and pine cones. The Matron of Honor's bouquet consisted of pink roses, pink carnations, seeded eucalyptus, pittosporum leaf, pink hypericum berries, pine cones, and evergreens. The bride carried pink and white roses, pink lilies, seeded eucalyptus, pink hypericum berries, pine cones, evergreens, and pearls to match her pearl necklace, a gift from the groom. 

                                                                                  Diane Dodd Photography

A beautiful picture of the bride, as she prepares to walk down the aisle.  Her bouquet was wrapped with lace from her mother's wedding gown. 

The head table centerpiece of pink carnations, seeded eucalyptus, pink and white roses, ornaments, lilies, Italian Ruscus, mixed evergreens, and pine cones. 

A Christmas wedding wouldn't be complete without a Christmas tree filled with frosted pine garland, grapevine spheres, pine cone ornaments, glittered letters and a bird's nest for good luck.

Thank you Jordan and Rob for allowing me to make your wedding flowers! It was such a joy.  Skidaway Island State Park was the perfect place for your wedding and reception.  You had a lovely day, with delicious food, dancing, family, and friends. It couldn't have been any nicer!  We also won't forget having lots of fun trying to get those extra fresh lilies to open!  ;)  

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Lindsay and Jesse

October 4, 2014 was the perfect sunny day for a beach wedding at Sandbridge Beach, Virginia. Lindsay and Jesse tied the knot facing the ocean in front of a beautiful beach home, the Vista Royale that served as the reception venue.

Lindsay selected to carry an arm bouquet of Blue Bom orchids and Calla lilies.

The Bridesmaids carried nosegays of Blue Bom orchids, white roses, and ruscus.

Since the reception tables would be on three different decks we decided to do different centerpieces that added interest, and kept with Lindsay's vision of a tropical beach themed wedding.

The Conch shells consist of Blue Bom orchids, Fuji mums, Lemon Leaf, Bear Grass, and White Roses.  Glass boxes of gold fish were a fun addition to the tables. 

Lanterns are always a great idea for out door weddings and receptions.  Especially when the party goes on into the night. 

Lindsay and Jesse, wishing you many happy beach days and dances!

The following vendors that brought this beautiful and fun wedding together are:

Wedding Planner: Reva Stein 
Photographers: Andi & Zoe Photographers
Second Shooter Photographer: Luke Rieke
Catering: HK on the Bay
Makeup:Amber Norge

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Better late than never really isn't a good excuse

Last time I posted the new raised flower and shrub beds were on hold waiting for March to finish doing her thing.  FINALLY top soil, a few plants, mulch, and sod made their way to the backyard.

Left to right, Limelight hydrangea,  a PeeGee hydrangea (paniculatas) that I can't remember the exact name, and a variegated Lacecap hydrangea, and lots of mulch!

Later in the year, a few other plants were added and frankly I will have to move some of the plants in the fall to bring some of the smaller plants forward. Isn't that the life of gardening?  We are never completely satisfied, and a garden always changes.

This is a current view

You can see where the birds have kicked half of the seeds out of the feeder-well I should say the SQUIRRELS-ugh, I really dislike those rodents. There are a few hostas in the front, and lilies on the far right. Recently, a friend gave me some Shasta Daisies that are planted near the bird feeder. I can't wait to see them next summer. They are such a happy flower.

Two of the hydrangeas did not bloom but had good growth. I can only hope for next year that they will produce beautiful blooms like the Limelight did this year. Love a Limelight. They are truly an easy hydrangea. If you are reluctant to garden, this plant is so easy. Be sure to purchase a Proven Winners Limelight. Their name is no joke.  Look at this bloom!

Fall is right around the corner. It is the perfect time to plant bulbs. I hear we are going to have another cold winter so tulips might be in order since they love cooler weather. What are you planting?

Friday, March 7, 2014

Can it get any more dreary? Don't answer that...

I usually don't complain about the weather and the seasons. I enjoy the change and what each season has to offer, but this year in the Tidewater area of VA, winter, you have over stayed your welcome. 

While I wait for the weather to warm up, I made some plans for new flower beds. Having a new patio put in earlier this year caused some major changes in the yard.  I'm ready to dig in my yard and start on my newly designed backyard flower beds (thank you Chris S.)  

I want to see some color! I want my yard to be green again.  Is that too much to ask?  Obviously it is since we won't really see any warmth for a while and April is so dicey. It is warm one day and then we get a crazy freeze in the middle of the month.

This will become one large bed of shade loving plants. I have two hydrangea planted here. The limelight is planted, and the variegated leaf lace cap hydrangea is plopped after moving it when we had the patio replaced.  The hydrangea will remain plopped until the soil arrives. This bed receives some afternoon sun, which really isn't great for hydrangeas, they need morning sun, but the sun is filtered by the silver maple that stands near.

If my beds had been established I would have purchased some gorgeous wintery-early spring perennials that I saw at Home Depot today.  (I still may go back and get them!)  Home Depot had Candytuft, English Primroses, English Daisies and Creeping phlox. Even in the misty rain, these flowers were amazing and happy!

English Daisy
 English Daisies are beautiful in pots or as a border plant. 

Candytuft reminds me of my grandmother Davis and my mother-in-law. Both loved this early spring plant, planted in drifts along with tulips, daffodils and Hyacinths. 

English Primroses
English Primroses can brighten any dull corner or edge of a flower bed. They can do well in clay soil! (yay) They may go dormant in the hot summer, but should come back next year.  These are even pretty grouped together in a basket for inside. Don't keep them inside for long, they are outside plants. 

Creeping Phlox subulata

Creeping Phlox is another beautiful late winter, early spring flower that gives hope that spring is on its way. The Subulata variety likes full sun, but can tolerate some light shade. This flower makes an excellent ground cover. After bloom time, shear it, for a nice green color that will be much appreciated when we are all complaining of the hot sun! ;)

This year, what are you planning on planting?



Monday, December 2, 2013

Count down to Savannah wedding time...

Today is Monday-I have exactly today and tomorrow to do the prep work for my niece, Jordan and her bow, Rob's wedding.  We leave Virginia on Wednesday to head to Savannah GA for a Saturday wedding on Skidaway Island.

Flower girls' headbands are made and checked off the list!

If you are interested in having accessories made for your wedding, or wedding flowers and even wreaths please contact me!

I am joining Between Naps on the Porch's Met Monday.


Sunday, November 17, 2013

Zoe and Jason's Wedding Day

My niece, Zoe and now my nephew, Jason's wedding day began at 8:00 a.m. October 19, 2013 at the Woman's Club of Portsmouth. We set up the ceremony and reception to include making centerpieces for the tables and decorating the porches. All of the other flowers were made ahead. We were on a tight schedule to meet the 3:00 p.m. wedding time.  

My dear friend, Bonnie arrived early and we got to work on filling the ball jars with purple stock, white fuji mums, limonium, lisanthus, ocean song roses, dark purple carnations, purple button mums, lavender fuji mums,  white hypericum, white spray roses, and white with purple edge carnations, lemon leaf, topped with twigs and hanging gems.  

Jason's groomsmen were such FABULOUS help. For a happy-go-lucky group of guys they were pretty darned particular about setting up the tables, and making sure all the napkins were even and the dinnerware set just so.  I would hire them in a heartbeat.  They were absolutely the best in every way imaginable and the two ring-bearers were precious!

Image courtesy of Stephanie Michelle Photography

There were 21 tables and each table had three ball jars, two held candles the large jars were filled with flowers. 

Image courtesy of Stephanie Michelle Photography

We moved to the outside of the Woman's Club of Portsmouth to decorate with seasonal pumpkins, pansies, mums and candles. Zoe's mom, Wendy made the cutest chalk board sign to help guests find their way to the ceremony on the back deck. 
Image courtesy of Stephanie Michelle Photography

The Woman's Club also has a gorgeous working fireplace on the front porch. Although it was too warm for a fire it didn't stop us from doing a bit of decorating :)

Image courtesy of Mary's Flower Works

And we didn't want to forget front steps

Image courtesy of Stephanie Michelle Photography

Meanwhile, back inside the balcony was getting decorated by Bonnie and another good friend, Evelyn with a burlap, ribbon and pumpkin wreath that I originally made for over the fireplace until the Woman's Club added the beautiful scroll ironwork piece. It turns out the balcony was the perfect place for a tulle swag and wreath.

Image courtesy of Stephanie Michelle Photography

Close up of the burlap wreath

Image courtesy of Stephanie Michelle Photography

Zoe and Jason selected the best photographer, Stephanie of Stephanie Michelle Photography.  She and her assistant for the day took TONS of pictures and they were all great with lots of detailed pictures. I LOVE details. Thank you so much Stephanie for sending me pictures of the bouquets and reception!

Zoe's bouquet:

Image courtesy of Stephanie Michelle Photography

The bouquet consists of Ocean Song roses, purple stock, white fuji mums, white hypericum berries, purple carnations, dusty miller, lemon leaf, ruscus, purple carnations, lisanthus and limonium; plus a little bling for some sparkle.  Zoe's bouquet was wrapped with lace from her mother's wedding gown that was made my our mother.

Image courtesy of Stephanie Michelle Photography

Zoe's bridesmaids carried bouquets of dark purple carnations, ocean song roses, lavender fuji mums, hypericum berries, limonium, and purple orinoco mums.

Image courtesy of Stephanie Michelle Photography

Image courtesy of Stephanie Michelle Photography

Image courtesy of Stephanie Michelle Photography

When Zoe and Jason were on the front porch getting their picture taken, some pretty flower girls took a peek... 

Image courtesy of Stephanie Michelle Photography

Isn't that the cutest?! 

Thank you Zoe and Jason for allowing me to make your wedding flowers and to be a part of your wedding. I enjoyed every minute, from the moment you got in engaged until the last clean up of the night. xoxo. Well, maybe not so much the clean up ;) 

Image courtesy of Stephanie Michelle Photography

I hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures. Contact me at if you need flowers or a wreath! 

If you would like to see more of Zoe and Jason's big day or more of Stephanie's beautiful photography please visit Stephanie Michelle's blog.  

I will be joining Between Naps on the Porch, Met Monday, Amaze Me Monday at Dwellings, The Brambleberry Cottage,
The Dedicated House Make it Pretty Monday and Wow Us Wednesdays at Savvy Southern Style.

Also I must thank my husband, Cam and son, Joel, my friend and neighbor, Bonnie, Wendy's best friend, Tish for their hard work, and Ev and Roy who came from PA to see their daughter play field hockey in VA Beach, and were gracious enough to help set up and clean up!  Thank you all, you are the best!

Comments are always welcomed!